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     I was never one of those kids that knew exactly what they wanted to do when they were young.  After I graduated from high school I found myself pregnant at age 19.  I was faced with the choice to either go to school or find a new place to live.  The obvious choice was to go to school, but I wasn't sure what it is I wanted to do.  My mom had taken me with her to get her hair done.  That's when my love for hair started. I started beauty school the summer of 1996.  

     After graduation I started the continuing education class at Gene Juarez which gave me the opportunity to work in one of their salons.  After completing that program I started my career in Bellevue.  I was a single mom of a beautiful little girl and I was working as a color specialist 5 days a week.  

     23 years later I still love what I do.  The relationships you get to build with your customers is my favorite part.  They become family and I get excited when I get to spend my time with them.  I hope I have made the same difference in their life as they have made in mine.

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